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Instructor Review Ellie Matthews DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Darren Adams

"Darren is a great instructor who made learning to drive with DLA a very pleasant and enjoyable experience. He's very calm, always gives praise when it's due but can also deliver constructive criticism in a polite and understanding way! Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn to drive in a professional yet motivating environment."

Instructor Review Niamh Armitage DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Dave Gregory

"I had the best time learning with Dave, he made me feel confident to drive and I've learnt lots of skills to make me a good driver, I was nervous at times and dave managed to keep my calm. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a driving instructor. THANK YOU DAVE!!!!"

Instructor Review Bethany Walker-Spiers DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Eddie O'Brien

"I had lessons with another instructor previously and I wish I had just gone straight to DLA because their lessons were so much better value for money. I learn so much from my instructor Eddie and I wouldn't have been able to pass without him!"

Instructor Review Scott Knight DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Lucy Sapwell

"My experience with DLA was positive, Lucy, my instructor, was always very reliable and knowledgeable. For someone who works a lot of hours she is always very positive and makes you feel relaxed while driving so nerves are never an issue. I recommend Lucy at DLA to anyone looking to learn to drive. She will have you ready for your test in no time. Thanks again, Lucy"

Instructor Review Mandla Bandama DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Safi

"Safi was recommended to me by a friend. I was told that he was a good teacher, patient, very knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable at the wheel. All of which were true! I thoroughly enjoyed all my lessons with Safi - I was particularly impressed with how he simplified the whole process of understanding a vehicle and all the components of driving. Within the space of around 2 months, my confidence on the road shot up drastically all thanks to him and I was able to pass my test, first time, after 26 hours of lessons in total. I'd recommend Safi to anyone who wants to learn how to drive."

Instructor Review Jacqui-Harris DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Dave Williams

"I learnt to drive with Dave, I can't fault his teaching , he's very thorough and extremely patient. Thanks very much for giving me the belief that I could do this at my age."

Instructor Review Cristina Gherman DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Tony O'Brien

"The best instructor i had, he learned me from 0 and today i passed my driving test with 3 driver faults. Thank you very much Tony."

Instructor Review Jonathon Hill DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Rob Irwin

"I've had other driving instructors in the past but Rob has been by far the best. His teaching is second to none with great knowledge of the roads, driving systems and thought processes which he passes to you in such a calm and clear way. Every lesson was carried out in a relaxed way with good conversation to help calm any nerves. No doubt he is the reason for passing my test and feeling confident on the roads. Thanks Rob and DLA!"

Instructor Review Jack Harper DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Dave Williams

"Couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Dave W was very clear and consise with his teaching, and provided me with a very calm and relaxed driving experience."

Instructor Review Aarcha Khan DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Eddie O'Brien

"No words can describe the level of patience and guidance Eddie had shown towards me. I was able to pass my test in the 1st attempt all due to his sincere efforts in making me a good driver. Every little details will be worked upon and all the little advices from him will surely go a long way. I would highly recommend new learners to ask for Eddie. THE BEST."

Instructor Review Jack Woodward DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Christian Bishop

"I learnt with Christian bishop and I'm over the moon that I passed 1 time. Starting with a total lack of confidence in my driving ability from my first lesson to passing 2 months later was only possible due to his commitment and teaching ability. There where never any awkward silences or dull moments whilst learning which made the process even more enjoyable. I would definitely recommend DLA driving school to anyone wanting to learn to drive."

Instructor Review Sophie DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Darren Adams

"Darren taught me with a very friendly yet professional approach! He was always on time, patient and understanding. Would highly recommended to anyone learning! Darren helped build my confidence and support me through out the whole learning process! THANK YOU!!"

Instructor Review Hannah Nicholson DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Ray Bradding

"Ray is amazing! He was so supportive, and reassuring. So friendly and made me feel at such ease. Helped build my confidence on the road and was there for me up until I got my pass certificate. Couldn't fault Ray. Thankyou for all your help and support! See you on the road."