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Instructor Review Tomas Keeble DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Samantha

"I am so pleased I had Sam to teach me how to drive as she made it so simple and I loved her idea of the dots to help with reverse positioning would recommend Sam to anyone."

Instructor Review Ruby DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Darren

"i am hugely grateful to have passed first time with darren's help. everything was always explained clearly and kindly to me which made driving a lot calmer and easier. equally, darren was always enthusiastic and encouraging, even taking time out over christmas on the day of my test. highly recommend!"

Instructor Review Jack Dering DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Samantha

"I couldn't have chose a better driving instructor to teach me, Samantha understood that I learn better by doing things and taught me in a way that she knew would help me out, instead of telling me things, she would show me the process and get me to do it. Fingers crossed I never need to but I would definitely go back to her and recommend her to anyone."

Instructor Review Ashton Neo DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Christian

"Had him for about 30 lessons going from a complete beginner to passing my test in the rain with only 3 minor faults. A very friendly, safe instructor who is very knowledgeable and a great teacher. Would absolutely recommend for any leaner in Leighton Buzzard or surrounding areas!"

Instructor Review Kieran Johnston DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Angela

"From the first day luring to drive with Angela I felt like we had known each other for years. I felt welcome and comfortable to start driving right away. Angela is down to earth and just wants you to do well in your test. Angela was quick to correct any problems or bad habits i had in a way that my best friend would. Giving me the skills and confidence to smash it on test day. I can't thank Angela enough for such a good introduction to driving and helping to develop my skills and confidence to pass first time."

Instructor Review Sophia DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Darren Adams

"Darren was an amazing driving instructor. He always made me feel at ease and was so patient with me throughout. I now feel so confident with driving and I couldn't thank him enough. Would highly recommend him to anyone"

Instructor Review Megan Bodnar DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Dave Gregory

"Dave is an amazing instructor, very patient, caring and professional, since driving with Dave he has changed my whole outlook on driving and given me a new found confidence on the road and within myself, 10/10 instructor I can't thank Dave enough for helping me get my license!"

Instructor Review Tatiana Liogchil DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Dave Williams

"Dave is an amazing instructor and person. Always calm, can clearly explain everything in an understandable way. Would recommend to anyone!"

Instructor Review Ella Green DRIVING INSTRUCTOR:

"She's amazing! She's so patient, helpful, positive and encouraging! I couldn't have done it without her."

Instructor Review Amy Moores DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Tony D

"No words can explain my appreciation to Tony. He was calm, patient, positive, clear with his instructions and always firm but fair. After each lesson he made sure I always celebrated my achievements and not dwell on my mistakes. I went from learning manual to automatic due to nerves but Tony was fantastic with me from start to test day. I couldn't recommend and sing his praises more. Thank you Tony and DLA. Forever thankful. Amy. X"

Instructor Review Lucy Williams DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Darren Adams

"My personal experience with DLA was brilliant. So stress free, Darren taught me everything I needed to know and more to feel both safe and confident for test day and going forward. I can’t thank him enough :)"

Instructor Review Robin Evans DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Eddie O'Brien

"Fantastic learning experience with Eddie at DLA. Great instruction, very happy to have passed ! Highly recommend"

Instructor Review Zoe McAllister DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Lucy Sapwell

"I had Lucy as an instructor, she is so kind and very patient. I could not recommend her enough to anyone looking for an instructor. She helped me pass first time which I am so grateful for."

Instructor Review Charlotte O’Callaghan DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Lucy Sapwell

"Lucy is a great instructor. I started off nervous but with her friendly help I got confident and passed my test first time :)"

Instructor Review Ellen Faysse DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Martin

"I had a great experience learning to drive. I really wasn’t very confident initially, but Martin went through the whole process methodically and clearly. I passed on my second time and have been delighted with the professionalism and communication displayed. Many thanks."

Instructor Review Michelle Farrugia DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Tony D

"Learning to drive didn't come easily to me, I had no confidence that I could do it and was extremely nervous but Tony from DLA believed in me! he was firm but fair and when things got a bit much he would pull me over somewhere quiet and we'd talk about what was going wrong and when I was ready we'd go again. Tony taught me to focus on the positives and what had gone well during my lesson rather than dwell on my mistakes. If it weren't for Tony, I think I'd have given up, I got there in the end and am becoming more and more confident, Thank you Tony, I would highly recommend."

Instructor Review Sachin Jose DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Safi

"Safi is an excellent driving instructor…The way he correct our mistakes are remarkable and i am very much satisfied. I passed only because of his training and motivation.. if you are looking for a tension free hassle free driving lessons , Safi will help you.. THANK YOU SAFI, THANK YOU DLA.."

Instructor Review Archie Somerset DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Safi

"I had a really good experience driving with Safi, it was very clear and well planned out!"

Instructor Review George Pakes DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Keith

"Great instructor, made me feel comfortable in every lesson. He’s clear when explaining manoeuvres and techniques, and patient if you don’t get it right. Would highly recommend"

Instructor Review Rachel Boldison DRIVING INSTRUCTOR:

"He is very patient, even after missing months of lessons due to lockdowns. I passed first time all thanks to his hard work and the time he put into teaching me."

Instructor Review Kim Meirelles DRIVING INSTRUCTOR:Safi

"I just passed my driving test mainly because the best driving instructor ,Safi in the world, excellent communication,extremely friendly. I faulted 2 in london but a friend of my recommended Safi because she passed the first time with practically no fault,so I travelled from london to luton for all my lessons with Safi. I fully recommend Safi for anyone want to learn driving and pass for the first time. I will be gratefully to him forever. Best wishes"

Instructor Review Charlotte Greatorex DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Darren Adams

"I had Darren as my instructor from DLA, right from the first lesson he had a calm atmosphere in the car making me feel safe and confident. With Darren I felt confident entering my test and passed first time. Darren is friendly and chatty, there was never an awkward moment in the car. I would 100% recommend DLA."

Instructor Review Bradley Moulding DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Tony D

"Very professional, and a great teacher. Passed me in only 10 hours and coached me through this very difficult time for learners. Would recommend to anyone!"

Instructor Review Alisha Enright DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Tony D

"Tony from DLA was the best driving instructor, he was calm and patient and took the time to explain things thoroughly and carefully to me. I highly recommend DLA as a driving company, and in particular Tony from DLA. He always arrived on time, was always kind and taught me how to drive correctly and also confidently. Because of Tony I was able to pass my driving test today with just 2 minors - so thank you Tony & DLA !"

Instructor Review Ellie Field DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Rob

"I cannot thank Rob enough for helping me pass my driving test. I would not have done it without him. He was very patient and understanding and did an amazing job explaining everything to me. He gave me the confidence i needed to pass and helped me deal with my nerves. Would 100% recommend to anyone."

Instructor Review Milly Randlesome DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Darren Adams

"Darren is a very friendly and encouraging instructor, who made me feel so comfortable and at ease. From my first lesson Darren kept it professional but there was always a bit of banter to add some more fun. He gave me so much confidence, which reflected a lot in my driving and in my test. The lessons were always different and direct on what we needed to work on. I highly recommend Darren, Cant thank you enough!"

Instructor Review Sam Mills DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Dave Gregory

"Dave has been an incredible teacher and has taught me to be safe on the road and also learn the joys of driving and being independent. I have really enjoyed learning with Dave and DLA driving school and would highly recommend them to anybody who is thinking about learning to drive."

Instructor Review James Deane DRIVING INSTRUCTOR:

"Just passed my test with Dave as my instructor and absolutely recommend him to anyone wishing to take lessons. Every lesson with him left me feeling confident about my progress and ready to keep learning. 100% recommend DLA to anyone wishing to take lessons!"

Instructor Review Ollie DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Dave Williams

"Learning with Dave W has been an absolute pleasure. He was always incredibly insightful and knowledgeable throughout every lesson, and made sure that I was comfortable and confident with all facets of driving. An absolute star to be taught by, and someone that I recommend to anyone wanting to learn from the best. Cheers Dave!"

Instructor Review Ewan Clark DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Safi

"Highly recommend Safi with DLA! Easy going personality and covers all aspects of driving in preparation for your driving test."

Instructor Review Elise Cox DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Dave Gregory

"Just passed my test with Dave. He always made me feel comfortable and never acted out of frustration or anger in the car. He was always honest about whether he thought me to be test ready and never heckled me for more money or more lessons when I didn’t need them. Would recommend."

Instructor Review Kayleigh Homer DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Dave Gregory

"I’d like to thank Dave for helping me overcome my nerves ,putting me at ease and helping me to pass my test! Highly recommend . I can’t thank him enough he went above and beyond for me and was always very patient. Dave always made our lessons so enjoyable and he gave me the confidence I needed to pass , thank you so much couldn’t of done it without you"

Instructor Review Jana Le DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Rob

"Rob has been the high-satisfactory instructor I could possibly ask for. He's very fluent and precise in communication, and the absolute confidence of the quality of the training became a key part of me passing. He's very patient whilst errors have been made by me and usually tells me different ways to approaches on the way to enhance and now no longer make errors. Not only that, he's a good person to have a laugh with at instances, but he can be very serious at times. Overall, he was really determined to make sure I passed and get the best results I could possibly get in the space of very little amount of time. And I did pass! :)"

Instructor Review Ellie Matthews DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Darren Adams

"Darren is a great instructor who made learning to drive with DLA a very pleasant and enjoyable experience. He's very calm, always gives praise when it's due but can also deliver constructive criticism in a polite and understanding way! Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn to drive in a professional yet motivating environment."

Instructor Review Niamh Armitage DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Dave Gregory

"I had the best time learning with Dave, he made me feel confident to drive and I've learnt lots of skills to make me a good driver, I was nervous at times and dave managed to keep my calm. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a driving instructor. THANK YOU DAVE!!!!"

Instructor Review Bethany Walker-Spiers DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Eddie O'Brien

"I had lessons with another instructor previously and I wish I had just gone straight to DLA because their lessons were so much better value for money. I learn so much from my instructor Eddie and I wouldn't have been able to pass without him!"

Instructor Review Scott Knight DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Lucy Sapwell

"My experience with DLA was positive, Lucy, my instructor, was always very reliable and knowledgeable. For someone who works a lot of hours she is always very positive and makes you feel relaxed while driving so nerves are never an issue. I recommend Lucy at DLA to anyone looking to learn to drive. She will have you ready for your test in no time. Thanks again, Lucy"

Instructor Review Mandla Bandama DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Safi

"Safi was recommended to me by a friend. I was told that he was a good teacher, patient, very knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable at the wheel. All of which were true! I thoroughly enjoyed all my lessons with Safi - I was particularly impressed with how he simplified the whole process of understanding a vehicle and all the components of driving. Within the space of around 2 months, my confidence on the road shot up drastically all thanks to him and I was able to pass my test, first time, after 26 hours of lessons in total. I'd recommend Safi to anyone who wants to learn how to drive."

Instructor Review Jacqui-Harris DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Dave Williams

"I learnt to drive with Dave, I can't fault his teaching , he's very thorough and extremely patient. Thanks very much for giving me the belief that I could do this at my age."

Instructor Review Jonathon Hill DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Rob Irwin

"I've had other driving instructors in the past but Rob has been by far the best. His teaching is second to none with great knowledge of the roads, driving systems and thought processes which he passes to you in such a calm and clear way. Every lesson was carried out in a relaxed way with good conversation to help calm any nerves. No doubt he is the reason for passing my test and feeling confident on the roads. Thanks Rob and DLA!"

Instructor Review Jack Harper DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Dave Williams

"Couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Dave W was very clear and consise with his teaching, and provided me with a very calm and relaxed driving experience."

Instructor Review Aarcha Khan DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Eddie O'Brien

"No words can describe the level of patience and guidance Eddie had shown towards me. I was able to pass my test in the 1st attempt all due to his sincere efforts in making me a good driver. Every little details will be worked upon and all the little advices from him will surely go a long way. I would highly recommend new learners to ask for Eddie. THE BEST."

Instructor Review Jack Woodward DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Christian Bishop

"I learnt with Christian bishop and I'm over the moon that I passed 1 time. Starting with a total lack of confidence in my driving ability from my first lesson to passing 2 months later was only possible due to his commitment and teaching ability. There where never any awkward silences or dull moments whilst learning which made the process even more enjoyable. I would definitely recommend DLA driving school to anyone wanting to learn to drive."

Instructor Review Sophie DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Darren Adams

"Darren taught me with a very friendly yet professional approach! He was always on time, patient and understanding. Would highly recommended to anyone learning! Darren helped build my confidence and support me through out the whole learning process! THANK YOU!!"